DoMeGeShimayasu Hankougei Co., Ltd.

Shimayasu Hankougei, a Kishu-lacquerware manufacturer established in 1916, proudly introduced the “DoMeGe” brand in 2021. “DoMeGe” stands for “Domestic Gear,” embodying the brand’s unwavering commitment to crafting premium Japan-made camping gear. At an intersection of heritage and innovation, Shimayasu aims to leverage its expertise in lacquerware to create distinctive and enjoyable outdoor gear with a playful essence. Our dedication knows no bounds as we craft outdoor gear that transcends utility, becoming cherished companions. Embrace the essence of “DoMeGe” – where expertise meets adventure. “Koi-hotaru”, as a core product of DoMeGe, serves as a customizable lamp shade designed for GOAL ZERO compact outdoor LED lanterns, to give a warm and natural touch to the light it emits.
Shimayasu Hankougei Co., Ltd.
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