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BLOOM & BERRY endeavors to craft soaps and sprays that are purely created by the power of plants to nurture well-being. These soaps blend the various benefits of botanical oils with the wisdom of aromatherapy. Through meticulously chosen and expertly blended 100% natural essential oils, the soap gently cares for the skin while providing excellent cleansing power and emitting an enchanting fragrance that inspires and resonates within us. As you lather the soap in your hands, the beautiful aroma of the essential oils fills the air, infusing the space with a unique and transformative energy. Beyond cleansing the body, the aromatic essence has the profound ability to purify internally. A daily ritual with this soap can revitalize one’s spirit with the vibrant energy of plants. Replenishing your weary soul each day leads to tranquility and fosters a life filled with positivity.
Biovert Inc.
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    2-11-16, Shikonehigashi, Kainan City, Wakayama 642-0018, Japan
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