ZIPANG COLOURS, a creation by Minami Kobo, stands as a brand committed to empowering artisans with disabilities by involving them in the meticulous handcrafting of garments, aiming to foster their societal independence. Meticulously crafted by their artisans, each garment embodies a unique narrative utilizing solely natural materials such as silk, organic cotton, and hemp. Their dyeing techniques such as Ai (Indigo), Darani (Medicinal Tree Bark), Safflower, and Ume (Plum), utilize organic sources drawn from centuries-old medicinal plants and herbs. Especially, the artisan Thiē HYODO’s hand-woven scarves stand as veritable masterpieces. From the planting of the seeds, harvesting, drying and fermentation, through to the end product, everything is carried out in house. Practicing pure sustainability, no pesticides or other chemicals are used, and the waste products of the dyeing process are returned to their gardens.
Minami Kobo
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    63 Zudaji, Wakayama City, Wakayama 640-0314, Japan
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